William Strosnider
William Strosnider's Fundraiser

Handwashing during a pandemic shouldn't be a luxury - support Engineers in Action so more men, women, and children have access to safe water!

Join me and help make a difference, please give to this worthy cause today.

$2,096 towards $2,000

I'm fasting (only water, not even coffee) for 36 hours or more as part of a ten-year tradition with Engineers in Action (EIA) to bring safe water to the poorest of the poor.

Over the last decade, I've interacted with EIA as a client, volunteer, and board member. Having witnessed their operations from multiple perspectives, I can confidently say that they are worthy of your support. EIA efficiently fills a critical gap employing indigenous engineers to improve crucial health and safety infrastructure in impoverished communities by focusing the efforts of external volunteer-based (e.g., Engineers Without Borders, Rotary Clubs) groups.

Please support my efforts to make sure EIA can continue their work in Latin America, a little bit goes a long way with the communities they assist.