Maggie Holtmann
Maggie Holtmann's Fundraiser

Join me in supporting real change - change that empowers communities to meet their basic human needs.

Please support my efforts to help EIA bring clean water to Latin America and Africa and to help EWB build latrines and showers for Machacamarca, Bolivia.

$500 towards $500

I am fasting for 36 hours as part of a ten-year tradition with Engineers in Action, and this will be my third year participating in the fast. I participate to raise funding for impactful causes, to bring awareness to the challenges people are facing, and to remind myself that clean water should not be a luxury.

This is my fourth year with Engineers Without Borders at The University of Tulsa on the Bolivia Sanitation Project team. We have built two latrines and two showers in Machacamarca, Bolivia, and we are working to continue our efforts during this crucial time. Please support my efforts to make sure EIA and EWB can continue helping communities across the world gain access to water and improved sanitation!